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Metal Fabrication Services

Metal Fabrication ServicesRock Hill Industrial boasts one of the most capable fabrication shops to be found in the southeast United States. Combining a high level of expertise with a commitment to quality, we constantly meet the needs of our customers in all areas of design and fabrication. State of the art equipment and facilities allow RHIP&F to furnish our customers with fabricated structures and components that are second to none. We routinely fabricate structural components that will be used in an industrial environment to support large equipment and building panels as well. These components can be finished by hot-dip galvanizing, powder coating, or custom painting.

Rock Hill Industrial also specializes in tanks of all sizes and shapes. We routinely fabricate tanks from all types of steel to meet the needs of our customers in all industrial processes and applications.  RHIP&F builds these tanks from stock materials that are purchased and then formed to the required profiles and dimensions. We also offer full non-destructive testing when specified. Our tanks and vessels are typically used in storage, mixing, and transfer applications.

RHIP&F is also well versed in industrial ductwork applications. We routinely execute projects in this area that range from new construction from engineered drawings to replacement of defective components in a typical duct system. RHIP&F fabricates these finished parts with an array of different materials as the process in which it is used requires. From typical carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, we can furnish all of your duct and air handling needs.

Finished Parts Fabrication ShopThe Rock Hill Industrial fabrication facility is fully capable of handling any of the fabrication needs of industries that we service. With a full complement of hydraulic shears, breaks, rollers, and presses, combined with all specialty tools used in the fabrication arena, we continually produce industrial components for our customers at competitive costs and superior quality.

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