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Precision Machining / CNC Machining

Precision MachiningPrecision Machining

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Rock Hill Industrial Piping & Fabrication, Inc. utilizes a state-of-the-art machining center and experienced journeymen machinists to meet the machining needs of all of the industries it serves. Our machine shop offers quality operations in all areas of part manufacturing or repair, with an emphasis on timeliness and effective cost.

New Component Manufacturing

RHIP&F can meet the needs all industrial markets for the design, testing, and implementation of machined components. We routinely machine parts such as shafts, hubs, couplings, bushings, gears, bases, and a vast array of other components from raw stock. Many additional procedures can be employed such as heat treating, normalizing, or surface annealing to provide a part that conforms to any specification or design criteria. We at RHIP&F also work with many of our customers on prototype equipment design, building, and installation. Whether working from an engineering drawing or a conceptual sketch, we can offer a successful solution to your equipment needs.

Component Repair

CNC MachiningRock Hill Industrial Piping & Fabrication, Inc. can offer your company huge savings by refurbishing any critical mechanical component. By offering such services as sleeving, bushing, straightening, weld deposition and re-machining, along with flame spray-type surface build-up to restore components to original dimensions and function. RHIP&F routinely makes certified weld repairs to cracked or fractured components to allow reuse saving both critical time and replacement costs. We can repair keyways in both outside and inside diameter configurations.

Turning Operations

Rock Hill Industrial Piping & Fabrication, Inc. excels in the use of our in-house lathes to perform turning operations and machining for any application. From the smallest of components to the largest of shafts, we routinely perform machining operations up to 20 feet in length and 43 inches in diameter. Our machine shop staff combines expertise with end-product insight to deliver exact and successful part machining, no matter what your needs may be. RHIP&F offers very quick turn-around on emergency needs such as couplings and drive hubs. Boring, keyways, and set-screws are just a few of the operations that we set the standard on with expedient completion. We also offer full length threading operations in these dimensions, in either standard or metric configurations.

Milling Operations

Our staff of machinists here at RHIP&F is second to none in the industrial world. Extensive development of custom tooling and fixtures allow us to meet any of your machining needs for industries in our area. Close tolerance operations are a mainstay for our modern machining techniques. Let us supply your intricate needs in any of these areas.

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